Yoga classes at AstaYoga are designed to facilitate the development of a meaningful and fulfilling personal practice. The classes are systematic and efficient, offering a set of well-rounded routines that work the entire body, emphasizing the link between movement and conscious breathing (the technique of ujjayi pranayama), precisely what turns posing into a moving meditation. The approach is practical and accessible, free from hype, dogma and fluff.  Take the level that suits your energy and experience. Relax, breathe and go with the flow.


The Mysore program at AstaYoga provides personalized instruction in Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga. The Mysore style of yoga asana practice is a particular way of teaching yoga within the Ashtanga Yoga tradition as taught by Sri K. Pattabhi Jois in the southern Indian city of Mysore. There are some differences in this method from the usual modern way in which yoga is taught. The class is not "led" as a whole but rather all instruction is one-on-one within the group class setting. Students practice their own portion of the Ashtanga sequence of asanas at their own pace. The teacher assists each student individually by giving physical adjustments & verbal instruction.Students interested in learning by this method can find more information from instructor Sidney Huang here


A fluid and powerful class, interweaving breath, rhythm, energy movement, sound and meditation. The emphasis in kundalini yoga is on activating the life force within, stimulating the immune, nervous, and glandular systems. Awaken your full potential while improving strength, flexibility and concentration. All levels welcome.