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Awake the Inner Teacher

Asta Yoga Ashtanga Immersion: 200-hr Yoga Teacher Training

In-Person or Online beginning February 5, 2022


At AstaYoga, we offer a Yoga Alliance registered teacher training based on the principles of Ashtanga Yoga. Our purpose is to facilitate an awakening of the Inner Teacher- the clear, quiet voice that is ever-present behind the incessant, distracted chatter of the inner critic. Reliance upon this Inner Teacher as a source of guidance and wisdom is the aim of this practice, and Ashtanga Yoga comprises the system of techniques that reveals the voice of this guide.

Using the Primary Series of Ashtanga as our basis, students will gain a foundational training in vinyasa yoga. While our training covers a broad array of topics including philosophy, anatomy, history and Ayurveda, we emphasize the practical aspects of a committed yoga practice. We provide you with a simple system that you can use anytime and share with anyone for a happier, healthier existence.

You will benefit from small class sizes and even smaller egos at AstaYoga. You will be integrated into the AstaYoga community and will witness how the practice shapes peoples' lives. Our approach emphasizes the practice and your personal relationship to it. You can be yourself for a month, release what doesn't serve you and learn to relax, breathe and go with the flow.

What do you think you need that you don't have? What do you want that you think you can't get? These are questions we'll explore as we witness the role that a yoga practice plays in changing the stories that we tell ourselves. At AstaYoga, we are committed to making the world less miserable, one breath at a time.

Training Dates

8 - Weekend Program
  • February 5-6  and  February 12-13

  • March 12-13 and March 19-20

  • April 2-3 and April 23-24

  • May 7-8  and May 21-22


We will meet Saturday and Sunday for two weekend a month over a four month period. Our days will begin with practice at 10am with break from 11:30-12:30. From 12:30 until 4pm each day, we will convene to explore the practice in depth.


We will provide you with the training manuals, included in the price of tuition. You will need to bring a journal, a yoga mat and additional books which will be recommended prior to the training, but are not required.


Your attendance is critical, and a regular practice of at least three days a week throughout the training is essential. You will keep a daily journal and complete assignments from the training manual. There will be several short quizzes and a written final exam. You will also lead a one-on-one yoga session with a beginner.


The full tuition for the training without a Yoga Alliance certificate is $2450. A certificate which you can register through Yoga Alliance will be available to participants for an additional $450. Tuition covers your training, your classes leading up to and through the training, and the training manuals.

Yoga Alliance Registration

Successful completion of the program will fulfill the requirements for the Yoga Alliance RYT 200 credential. Participants paying the $2900 tuition will receive a certificate which can be registered with YA.

Course Outline

Based on the Primary Series of Ashtanga Yoga
  • Intensive study and practice of Asanas (postures)

  • History and philosophy of yoga

  • Sanskrit names of yoga postures

  • Assisting and adjusting of poses

  • Modification of poses

  • Anatomy

  • Ayurveda /nutrition

  • Pranayama (breathing techniques) and Meditation

  • The business of teaching yoga

  • Class sequencing and planning

  • Observation of yoga classes

  • Practice teaching and assisting

A few things:

To be considered for the Teacher Training at AstaYoga, please complete the application below. You will hear from us with more details shortly after it has been submitted.