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Yoga classes at AstaYoga are designed to facilitate the development of a meaningful and fulfilling personal practice. The classes are systematic and efficient, offering a set of well-rounded routines that work the entire body,  emphasizing the link between movement and conscious breathing (the technique of Ujjayi Pranayama), precisely what turns posing into a moving meditation. The approach is practical and accessible to the fearless and open-minded. Practice in a way that suits your energy and experience. Meet yourself where you’re at. All levels welcome!

Ashtanga Primer

Beginner - All Levels (60mins)

A modification of the Primary Series, this is our most gentle class and practiced regularly, provides a solid foundation for any vinyasa practice at Asta or elsewhere.

Ashtanga Primary Series

Intermediate - All Levels (75-90mins)

Our own version of the “traditional” Ashtanga first series.

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Ashtanga Yoga Mixed Levels

All Levels (60-75mins)

The class is designed to be accessible to all levels of practitioner. It typically follows the format of a Rocket I practice, with fewer postures and a slower pace. This is a great introduction to Rocket sequencing for neophytes and a useful restorative practice for the regular practitioner.

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Ashtanga (Rocket) 1

All Levels (75mins)

This sequence focuses on bringing flexibility, strength and balance to the back and legs. Inversions, arm balances and fluid transitions link the postures in this slower practice.

Ashtanga (Rocket) 2

Intermediate - All Levels (75mins)

This sequence works largely on strengthening the back and opening up the hips while building endurance.

Ashtanga (Rocket) 3

Advanced - All Levels (75mins)

This sequence combines the postures of the I and II into a fast-moving practice that brings focus to the transitions between postures. This practice can be very challenging and is best-suited to regular practitioners.  (75-90 Minutes)

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