Inner sounds meditation sound Bath

witH Melissa FelsensteiN

Friday, DECEMBER 13th 7:30 - 9pm

$35 Day-Of / $30 Advance / $25 Members

Workshop Description: 

Join sound alchemist Melissa Felsenstein for a deeply relaxing and restorative evening of pure sound. Let your body and mind be serenaded by the harmonic vibrations of quartz crystal singing bowls & Paiste Healing Gongs. 

These unique instruments slow down your brainwaves through a process called entrainment and have the potential to:

- Release emotional stress and physical tension

- Receive spontaneous insight and heightened intuition

- Soothe and balance your nervous system

- Create meaningful rest and better sleep

When our senses are harmonized, our mind easily finds clarity, renewed creativity, and freedom from strain. Take your body on a vacation from stress and tension and leave feeling refreshed, focused, and clear.

No yoga is practiced, appropriate for ages 13 and up, all abilities welcome. Participants recline on yoga mats, with blankets and cushions for support.

Sound therapy is highly effective at providing relief for chronic pain, digestive issues, insomnia, fibromyalgia, autoimmune disorders, heart's disease, trauma, depression, anxiety and cancer treatment therapies.

Inner Sounds Meditation
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About Melissa Felsenstein:  For the past ten years Melissa has been using  live sound with quartz crystal singing bowls and specifically tuned Paiste healing gongs to help induce conscious relaxation, balance your nervous system and explore meditative like states.  
It was these properties that led Melissa to use sound as a therapeutic tool to breakthrough her own vicious cycle of anxiety, depression, and chronic stress after a family member fell mentally ill.  

Since discovering sound as a viable tool Melissa has felt compelled to help others relax and re-tune through private sound bath parties for anniversaries, birthdays, corporate sessions, one-on-one’s,  and other sound celebrations. Melissa is a 800 hr certified yoga therapist and lifelong learner, learn more at