Kundalini Workshop


Kundalini Workshop

40.00 50.00

Tantra Prana Sadhana Pranayama for Release and Renewal  

Friday, June 30th 2017


Offering: $40 pre-reg // $50 at the door

Prana as a secret key to open the doors of our consciousness.

BREATH IS LIFE. A human being can survive 3 weeks without food, 3 days without water, but only 3 minutes without breath.

But breath serves us in a much deeper way than just survival. Breath is the conscious bridge between our mind and body, between form and formless. It is through breathing that you will enter into the innermost core of your existence.

Drawing from the ancient yogic science of Tantra Prana Sadhana, in this advance workshop we will explore a variety ofPranayams–from calm and quiet, to vigorous and powerful–to infuse the body, mind & spirit with an overall sense of vitality, peace and ecstasy. 

Take home with you a deep experience and insight into the elegant and simple power of the breath–truly, our most potent tool for positive transformation.

About Yogi Amandeep

Master Teacher, Yogi Amandeep Singh M.Sc(Aust), MA(UK), B.Sc Hons(UK) is a counsellor by profession and an accomplished yogi, having studied in depth many yogic traditions in India. He is a Kundalini Yoga Teacher, a scholar with Kundalini Research Institute(USA), Healer, Mystic & a teacher of Eastern Spirituality. He is a leading authority on philosophy & history of ancient yogic traditions.

He is also involved in addiction & recovery programs around the globe. He combines psycho-spiritual techniques with modern developments in the field of emotional and psychological transformation. He brings great depth, accuracy, joy and spontaneity to his teaching. Being inspired by Yogi Bhajan, his master, he travels around the world sharing transforming wisdom. 

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