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Rocket Vinyasa: The science of sequencing

5-DAY Advanced Rocket Training

When Larry Schultz was hired to teach yoga to the Grateful Dead, he found that Ashtanga, as he had learned it from Sri K. Pattabhi Jois, was a less than ideal fit for his students. 

Larry worked with the band to create a system that Bob Weir called "The Rocket." It is a progressive approach to Ashtanga that relies on intelligent modification to deliver the benefits of an Ashtanga yoga practice to any student. It rebels against the approach of the traditional method while respecting its principles and power. 

Today, thousands of people around the world practice the Rocket. Here at AstaYoga, we hold space for a thriving Rocket community in the city where it all started. 

At Asta, you can learn the Rocket from Larry's students, surrounded by a community of inspiring individuals dedicated to their practice. Your yoga home for the week will be a school solely committed to sharing the Rocket.

Through a direct experience of the weekly system, meditation, group discussion and participation in the life of the studio, we will explore our purpose for practicing. We will share with you the principles, history and philosophy of the Rocket Vinyasa system. You will develop an understanding of how this dynamic method empowers healing and transformation. 



APRIL 11 - 15: 405 YOGA, Washington, D.c.

April 24 - 28: Brighton, UK


August 21 - 25: SF