Larry Schultz, Creator of Rocket Yoga in eka pada bakasana

Larry Schultz, Creator of Rocket Yoga in eka pada bakasana

Where and When in 2017:

July 24 - 28: The Yoga DoJo, Richmond, VA


Rocket Training
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  • Full payment is $995. 
  • Early Bird is available up to 45 days prior to training; up to 14 days prior when paying in cash. 
  • Deposit of $295 secures a space and is non-refundable, but always available for services. 
  • Payment includes training and all materials distributed in training. 


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Rocket Vinyasa: The science of sequencing

5-DAY Advanced Rocket Training

What It Is: 

The Rocket Training is an 5-day immersion in which you will:

  • Practice and learn the classic Rocket I and Rocket II sequences
  • Understand the philosophy and voice of a Rocket Vinyasa class
  • Focus on alignment, arm balances, inversions and transitions
  • Gain the ability to use the master Rocket sequences to share a class with anyone
  • Clarify your purpose for practicing


Who Should Take It:

Anyone can take the Rocket Training, but those who will benefit most are:

  •   Consistent practitioners who feel their vinyasa practice has hit a plateau
  •   Experienced teachers who feel their instruction could use a little more focus and structure
  •   Those new to Rocket, but not to yoga, who wish to complement their existing knowledge
  •   Home practitioners looking for a thorough, intelligent system of yoga practice 


Why You Should Take It:

You are intelligent. You are dedicated. You suspect yoga has something more to offer beyond being burned out in variations on lunges and dharma talks from people no more enlightened than yourself. The generic vinyasa mentality declares that we constantly listen to a teacher outside of ourselves who knows more than us. Those who practice the Rocket are guided by a more trustworthy source within. 


Who We Are:

Steve and Rene, students of Larry Schultz, the creator of Rocket Yoga, opened AstaYoga in 2009 as a place where people could find a genuine sense of strength, peace and community. Together, they have over 20 years of experience teaching and have trained hundreds of people who are practicing and sharing the Rocket all over the world. 


What It Costs and How You Can Sign Up:

The training costs $995, but nobody pays that because they sign up early for $795. You can reserve a space in the training for $295, with the balance due before the early bird deadline. 

Early bird pricing is available up to 45 days before the training begins. When paying in cash, early bird pricing is extended to 14 days before training. 

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