Kids yoga (ages 6 and up)   |   sunday 4/23 4:00-4:45PM

KIDS YOGA (Ages 6 and up)

Kids Yoga teaches a lot of the yoga poses you’d see in a class for adults, but as a co-creative experience. Students are encouraged to share and participate while they learn the basics of yoga, including postures, breathing techniques, body awareness, relaxation, and meditation. Kids yoga complements young athletes and students alike as it instills confidence and strength, increases calm and focus, and teaches strategies to deal with stress in the real world. Kids should wear clothes they can move in comfortably and bring a yoga mat if they have one. 


About Our Teacher: Mary Demery

Mary has been teaching kids yoga for two years. She loves the playful, ever-changing dynamic of kids yoga classes and finds that kids are natural yogis, no matter what their age or how flexible (or not) they think they are. When she's not teaching kids yoga, Mary teaches adult yoga and works as a nanny for three kids under the age of three. She has always worked with kids and feels an easy, natural connection with them. In her classes, she creates a nurturing, loving, and safe environment. 



$20 FOR FIRST CHILD (Purchase ahead or upon arrival)