FRIDAY, AUGUST 9, 615 - 745 PM

DOJO FLOW: Join this all-levels vinyasa flow class composed of a dynamic sequence designed to fuel your mind and body, linking movement with breath. Instructions will be given to learn a posture or transition from the most basic step to the most advanced expression of possibilities. It is tailored to the moment, the amount of people in the room and the different levels of practitioners. This class is suitable for enthusiastic beginner, intermediate, and advanced students. Free for Members and Workshop Guests / $20

Saturday, AUGUST 10, 1 - 4 PM

ALL LEVELS WORKSHOP: This all-levels inversion workshop will take an in-depth look at the techniques necessary for proper alignment in handstand, as well as variations such as tuck, straddle, and full position. We will also examine appropriate hand and shoulder technique, torso strength, and the leg/hip intelligence necessary for negotiating inversions. We’ll also work on the mechanics behind more advanced movements such as press handstand, and a few other options for entry to handstand. All movement possibilities will be offered with modifications and amplifications, so wherever you are in your practice, this workshop will be appropriate for you. $50 for Members / $60


INTERMEDIATE/ADVANCED WORKSHOP: This workshop will take the techniques acquired from the all levels workshop and offer more detailed evaluations of alignment. We will work specifically with more flexible positions such as hollow back, scorpion, chest stand, and additional conditioning techniques to improve muscle strength, coordination, and flexibility. A 15- to 30-second freestanding handstand is a prerequisite to attend this class, however exceptions can be made if the practitioner wants to observe on a theoretical level, or participate knowing it is an intermediate to advanced workshop. If the student has the requisite strength, stability and understanding of alignment principles, we will work on conditioning techniques to acquire the strength and coordination for a one-arm handstand. Students will leave with a clearer understanding of the drills necessary to practice a one-arm handstand- if they are interested in that instruction- and a clearer path towards how it can be accomplished. $50 for Members / $60

Inversion Immersion Weekend with Adrian McCavitt

AUGUST 9 - 11

One-stop shopping for advanced arm balancing and home decorating tips.

One-stop shopping for advanced arm balancing and home decorating tips.

Inversion Immersion Weekend with Adrian McCavitt
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