Rocket Vinyasa Yoga


What It Is: 

The 5-Day Practice Immersion is designed for any person at any level in their practice who is interested in learning more about Rocket Vinyasa Yoga. Through daily practice and group discussions, your existing concepts of what yoga is and what it is for will be challenged and expanded. Live a life in the week of a Rocket Yogi. See how a simple, gentle, systematic and powerful approach to yoga can transform how you relate to yourself and the world around you. 

Who Should Take It:

Nobody should, but anybody can. Of course, it is helpful to already have a consistent yoga practice, but it is not essential. The immersion might light a fire for you! Students and teachers are welcome, but this program does not confer any authority to teach yoga generally or Rocket Yoga specifically. The authority to teach yoga comes from your own experience, dedication and enthusiasm to share what you practice. 


We take a common-sense approach to the practice and the philosophy. Yoga need not be complicated. In fact, it's very natural- it's moving and breathing with awareness. Forget about what you can do, have or become through yoga. Yoga is most useful in demonstrating that you have what you seek. Having an enjoyable and familiar yoga routine that you can do anywhere and at anytime will inspire you to develop the consistency and dedication which bring forth the gifts of the practice. 

What It Costs and How You Can Sign Up:

The training costs $995. Early bird is $875. Returning students who have completed a 200- or 50-hour training with Asta can take $420 off the training price and enroll at a discounted rate of $575- the Larry Schultz Special. You can reserve a space in the training for $275, with the balance due before the early bird deadline. Early bird pricing is available up to 45 days before the training begins. When paying in cash, early bird pricing is extended to 14 days before training. 

2019 Dates

  • August 12 - 16: AstaYoga, SF

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